Our Process was created to keep you informed and your valuables safe.

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Selling Your Gold?

Collect Your Unwanted Gold, Silver, Platinum & Diamonds!

A) Raleigh Gold buys anything made of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in any condition – even broken, ugly, tangled and out-of-style jewelry.

B) Today’s high gold prices make it a great time to sell your gold. The more you sell, the more money you’ll receive. What would you do with YOUR Cash for Gold?

Mail Your Items – Request Secure FedEx Mailing Pack

A) Use our FREE & insured FedEx ® Express Saver service.

B) Insured for up to $2,500. Need more? Call us to see how we can help.

C) Never lose touch with your valuables. Track your package every step of the way.

Raleigh Gold’s Same-Day Processing!

A) Raleigh Gold  When your package arrives, we open it under a video camera for your protection. Then we test and grade your items to determine karat quality.

B) Next we weigh your valuables on calibrated electronic jewelry scales using the Pennyweight (DWT) unit of measurement (there are 20 DWT for every ounce).

C) We post your itemized settlement online for your review and notify you by email.

See Your Payment in Advance! Instantly Accept or Decline Online!

A) Raleigh Gold Log into your account to see your payment amount.

B) Choose your payment method: Company check, PayPal ® eCheck or wire transfer.

C) Accept your settlement and we pay you immediately. Decline and we return your items via FedEx ® at our expense. It’s that simple and fast!

Why Choose Raleigh Gold?

Selling gold online requires trust. At Raleigh Gold we take your trust in us seriously and created our procedures and processes to ensure you have a safe, secure and superior gold selling experience. Do your homework and you’ll understand why over 100,000 people have trusted us to be their online gold buyer:

  • FREE FedEx® shipping insured for up to $2,500.
  • See your offer in writing…BEFORE you are paid!
  • FREE Wire Transfers over $1,000.
  • FREE “No Hassle” Returns.

People Often Ask Us How Our Simple Buying Process Works.

We begin by providing the spot price of gold. Your items will then be separated and weighed in front of you. If your items are unmarked (10kt, 14kt), we will test them and show you the result of the test. You won’t have to take our word for it.  Any items will stones or diamonds will be discussed. We will then present generous offers based on weight, spot gold, karat and re-sale potential.  We will not be undersold and will eagerly try to beat any legitimate offer.

Things To Look For In a Jewelry Buyer

Precious Metals Permit – Legitimate buyers must possess a Precious Metals Permit from the City of Raleigh.

Length of Time in Business – Can you verify the company history? Ten years in business or ten months?

Accolades – Look for customer service awards, achievements, recognition from local consumer advocates.

Professional Associations – Accredited by Better Business Bureau, Jewelers Board of Trade, etc.

Education – Is the person inspecting your items professional? Do they have a gemological degree from GIA? 

Customer Reviews – Look at reviews on Google, Yahoo, Citysearch, etc.  Are their reviews, great, good, or average?

Our Reviews

I had an amazing experience at Raleigh Diamond because of Jennifer Lincoln. Because of her knowledge and expertise she ordered me the perfect replacement stone to match my ring. She made me feel so good about what we could afford and didn't make me feel less because I couldn't afford a more expensive stone. She could not have been more precious and enthusiastic! She answered all of my questions and acted like they were all good ones! ; ) Because of her I will use Raleigh Diamond for my future jewelry needs and recommend everyone I can! My ring turned out beautifully I couldn't be happier.read more
Allie Quade
Allie Quade
18:14 07 Mar 20
Highly recommend Raleigh Diamond! Just purchased my engagement ring replacement (after losing mine). I worked with Becky. She was highly knowledgeable, very professional and made the process very easy. Huge selection of styles. So happy with my recent purchase!read more
Amy Sellers
Amy Sellers
22:37 12 Sep 19
Raleigh Diamond Fine Jewelry is and always has been my first choice when shopping for jewelry. Why? Customer service!!! I really appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. The magnificent show room of jewelry is intimidating for sure, especially if you’re trying to find a special gift. However, don’t be alarmed help will be with you soon. Thank you for making each and every experience satisfying! Douglas Bestread more
Tadpole Best
Tadpole Best
16:42 14 Mar 20
I am a full time graduate student with a hectic schedule and limited funds. When I knew I wanted to propose to my girlfriend I also knew I would have some hurdles to jump. Raleigh diamond was able to make those hurdles disappear. I walked in with a set budget and they were able to beat it and help me craft a beautiful ring I could be proud of. I worked with Jenny Damiano, who was nearly excited as I was about the proposal. She was personable and upfront and broke down the more nuanced points to buying an engagement ring. Whenever I walked in all of the staff greeted me with enthusiasm and kindness, and you can see they enjoy what they do and aren't trying to just make commission.The one blip I had was an interaction I had with the owner. There was an issue (which was fixed, so I still whole heatedly give 5 stars) for which I had to talk to him. He kept talking over me and telling me things were handled (that's fine, I get that he is busy), but then he turned to one of the sales people in the middle of our conversation and demanded to know why the music was playing so low. When the salesman tried to explain that one of the customers was having a hard time hearing another sales rep and asked for the music to be brought down, the owner cut him off (for the second time) and stated he didn't care and told him to turn the music back up. That interaction left a much worse taste in my mouth than low playing music, which I genuinely did not notice until he made a scene.Again, this place is great, and you can't go wrong with any of the salespeople, many of which I have had conversations with. They will go out of their way to get you what you want at your price point, and their jeweler is nothing short of a magician. We will be getting our wedding rings from here, and I hope to shop here for my fiancee for years to come. Give them a chance and you won't be disappointed.read more
Alex Casimir
Alex Casimir
15:02 14 Mar 20
Great Customer Service & Experience. Really enjoyed my experience purchasing from Raleigh Diamond. They made sure I was completely satisfied with my purchase and took the time to educate me all about diamonds. It was a difference of night and day when compared to other diamond jewelers that only seemed about getting my money (smile). Special thanks to the saleswoman Becky. She was awesome!!!!read more
13:50 26 Jan 19
My experience at Raleigh Diamond Fine Jewelry was fantastic. Jenny was so knowledgeable and told me the wonderful stories behind the exquisite pieces in the estate collections. She was very patient and non judgmental about my spending limits, and really educated me on the options available that l hadn't considered. Also gave me an introduction to the world of men's jewelry. An absolutely wonderful shopping experience.read more
Sherrie Tolliver
Sherrie Tolliver
20:06 13 Apr 20
I went here to buy my wedding band and what an amazing experience it was! They did not try and pressure me into buying a wedding band I could not afford but rather helped me to pick out the exact style of ring I was looking for! I will definitely be shopping here in the future! read more
Justin Peele
Justin Peele
16:58 11 Dec 15
My fiancee and I have had a great experience working with Derek @ Raleigh Diamond. She was able to pick out exactly what she wanted for her engagement ring. We will be back for the wedding band and highly recommend working with Derek -- he really made the experience worthwhile for us.read more
Joshua Hyatt
Joshua Hyatt
13:33 04 May 20