Our Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a quote over the phone?

We often receive phone calls asking us to discuss pricing, The simple truth is this, if you call a business to ask how much that business might pay for your jewelry or coins, you will be told the highest, most optimistic number possible.  Let’s face it, that’s what you want to hear and the person on the other end of the phone knows this.  Or they might reply, “we pay up to” and insert the highest possible number in their response.  Anyone who is going to present an unfair offer will probably not warn you in advance.  Over the phone, we do not give “rough ideas, ballpark estimates” or otherwise discuss pricing on anything that we have not personally seen, weighed and tested.  You may choose to visit another fine jeweler to get an offer prior to visiting us, or to make things simple, do some research on our company or the company you are considering working with.  You will discover that we are fair and that we present generous offers in a safe, upscale environment.  Our accolades, reputation, and education speak volumes. Please allow us to serve you.

If I sell my items, when and how do I get paid?

If we are interested in buying the items, we will make an offer and if you accept, we will write you a check from Bank of America.  Bank of America is one mile down the street from us and you are welcome to cash your check there. We pay by company check, and the issuing bank is Bank of America, located just mile down the street from our store.

Does Raleigh Gold Jewelry buy every item they are offered?

No, we do not buy every single item, every time.  Sometimes we are offered items that we do not wish to purchase.  Naturally, we reserve the right to choose what we purchase.  As a seller, you are not obligated to sell your items.  As a buyer, Raleigh Gold Jewelry is not obligated to purchase your items.

Is there a limit to what Raleigh Gold Jewelry will buy?

No, we can buy any amount.  No amount is too large for us to purchase.

What if I sell my items and then change my mind?

At the time of sale, you will be asked to sign your check, which states in simple terms, all sales and/or purchases are final.  We do not overturn, reverse, refund or otherwise “cancel” a purchase. One we purchase, all purchases are final.

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